Semifinals Workouts

2021 CrossFit Games

Event 5

For total time:

M/W pair 1 completes 2 rounds of:
1,000-m row (M1)
70-m handstand walk (14 lengths, W1)
2 legless rope climbs each
1,000-m row (W1)
70-m handstand walk (14 lengths, M1)
2 legless rope climbs each

Then, M/W pair 2 completes 2 rounds of:
700-m row (M2)
100-m handstand walk (20 lengths, W2)
2 legless rope climbs each
700-m row (W2)
100-m handstand walk (20 lengths, M2)
2 legless rope climbs each

Time cap: 40 min.

Score submission deadline: Sunday at noon PT

Download the workout description and scorecard for your division:

  • Notes

    Prior to starting the workout, set up the workout area as shown in the floor plan. The camera must be placed on the same side as the rower and must clearly show the monitor. It is recommended that the team use its media rep to reset the rower for each row. The rope must be on the opposite side of the rower.

    This workout begins with the first man seated on the rower, with his hands off the paddle, and the first woman clearly behind the handstand-walk start line. At “3, 2, 1 … go,” the man must row 1K, while the woman accumulates 70 meters of handstand walking, changing directions every 5 meters. 

    When both athletes are finished, one athlete will run across the field to the rope for 2 legless rope climbs (either athlete may start the rope climbs). The other athlete must wait behind the handstand-walk start line. Athletes may not switch until both reps have been completed. When the first athlete has completed their legless rope climbs, they will return to the waiting athlete and tag them to begin their reps. When both athletes are finished, the woman will row 1,000 meters while the man completes 70 meter of handstand walking, starting behind the line closest to the rower. When both are finished, they will then complete 2 legless rope climbs each. This entire sequence is repeated for a second round. 

    When the first man/woman pair touches the top of their final rope climb, the second man/woman pair may begin their portion of the workout following the same sequence but rowing 700 meters and handstand walking 100 meters (the man may wait seated on the rower, and the woman may wait behind the handstand-walk start line).

    Time stops after the final athlete has completed the final legless rope climb. There is no tiebreak for this event.

    After the workout is complete, the team must walk to the camera and state the password BEFORE moving or turning off the camera.


    • One judge - follow the handstand walk and rope climb

    • It is recommended the media rep reset the rower for each athlete.

    • Concept2 rower

    • 15-ft. climbing rope

    • Tape to mark the floor

    For each workout, be sure the team has adequate space to safely complete all the movements. Clear the area of all extra equipment, people, or other obstructions.

    Any team that in any way alters the equipment or movements described in this document or shown in the workout standards video may be disqualified from the competition.

    Video Submission Standards

    • Film ALL competition area measurements so the distances and heights can be seen clearly.

    • Use the camera placement provided in the floor plan.

    • Avoid placing the camera low to the ground. We recommend placing the camera at least 3 feet off the ground.

    • Videos must be uncut and unedited to accurately display the performance.

    • A clock or timer must be visible throughout the workout.

    • Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected.

    • Do NOT use a countdown timer.

    • Ensure the judge does not obstruct the view of the athletes.