The intent of the CrossFit Games is to find the fittest athletes on Earth. As the world’s definition and test of fitness, CrossFit and CrossFit-sanctioned competitions stand not only as a testament to the athletes who compete, but to the training methodologies they use. In this arena, a true and honest comparison of training practices and athletic capacity is impossible without a level playing field.

Violations of the CrossFit Games Rulebook and the use of banned performance-enhancing substances are strictly prohibited.

We rely on the integrity of the community to assist us in upholding the stated rules in our worldwide test. Accusing someone of cheating should not be taken lightly. Please provide all pertinent evidence you have. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Hearsay, conjecture or hypothetical situations will not be pursued.


If you suspect an athlete, affiliate or team of cheating, it is encouraged that you report the violation in the correct manner. The CrossFit Games have set up forms and methods for submitting an anonymous allegation.

Allegation Form - General Rules Violation: Intended for allegations against individuals, affiliates, or teams for violating rules pertaining to team eligibility, region eligibility or submitting falsified scores.

Allegation Form - Drug Policy Violation: Intended for allegations against individuals, affiliates or teams violating our CrossFit Games Drug Policy.

Anonymous Tip Line - +1 831-316-1926: Call this number if you suspect an athlete, affiliate, or team is violating the Drug Policy. Please provide credible evidence of your suspicion. The more detailed and complete information you provide, the more thoroughly we can pursue it. 

All phone calls will be confidential. If you would like to leave your name and contact information, please feel free to do so. If you prefer to remain anonymous simply hang up when you are finished.

Email Games Support: Anyone may report a violation via email at


The information reported will remain completely confidential and will only be reviewed by CrossFit Games staff. Be aware that we do not typically provide updates on the status of allegations. We will only be in touch with you if we need more information.