Regional & Qualifier Workouts

2018 CrossFit Games

For time:
144 handstand push-ups
144-ft. Worm lunge

Time cap: 9 minutes

Download the workout description and scorecard for your division:

  • Notes

    This event begins with the athletes on the starting mat. At the sound of the beep, all four athletes will enter, climb under the wall and file into the four stations: a handstand hold station, a handstand push-up station, a first resting station and a second resting station. One athlete will then begin performing repetitions of handstand push-ups. As needed, the athletes will rotate clockwise through the stations in their respective order. Team members may rotate as many times as they choose but must remain in the same order until all the handstand push-up reps are complete. Once they reach 144 reps, the athletes will pick up the Worm, lunge 72 feet in one direction, turn around, lunge 72 feet back in the opposite direction, then drop the Worm and move to the finish mat.


    The team’s score is the total time it takes to complete the event.