Regional & Qualifier Workouts

2017 CrossFit Games

Team Event 1

For time:
MF Pair 1 (each):
500-m run
24 strict handstand push-ups
24 dumbbell snatches

MF Pair 2 (each):
500-m run
28 strict handstand push-ups
28 dumbbell snatches

MF Pair 3 (each):
500-m run
32 strict handstand push-ups
32 dumbbell snatches

Men snatch 80-lb. dumbbell
Women snatch 55-lb. dumbbell

Order: MF, MF, MF

Time cap: 25 minutes

Download the workout description and scorecard for your division:

  • Notes

    This event begins with all six teammates on the starting mat. At the sound of the beep, the first male/female pair will move to their Assault AirRunners for a 500-meter run. Each athlete, upon completing the run, may advance to the wall to perform 24 strict handstand push-ups. They will then advance to the dumbbell and complete 24 alternating snatches, advancing after every 6 reps. After their last snatch, they will advance to the chess piece and place their hand on top.

    To advance from one exercise to the next, an athlete must complete the required number of reps at each station. There is NO requirement that an athlete wait for their teammate. However, both athletes must have a hand on the chess piece before the next male/female pair can enter and begin running. Once the second pair starts their run, the first pair will advance the chess piece past the red line and then move to the finish mat.

    The second and third pairs will advance through the exercises in the same fashion as the first. However, the second pair will perform 28 reps each of the handstand push-ups and dumbbell snatches, advancing every 7 reps, and the third pair will each complete 32 reps of each exercise, advancing every 8 reps. Once both athletes in the third pair have completed their work and touched the chess piece, they will move to the finish mat.

    The team's score is its total time to complete the event.

    There is no minimum work requirement for this event.

    Full video of Team Event 1 can be seen here.


    Scoring at the Regionals will be the same as at the Games. Every event will be worth up to 100 points, and teams earn points based on their finish (see chart). At the end of the weekend, the team with the most points is the winner. Teams that tie receive the same number of points. If a team fails to complete an event within the time cap (for timed events), its score will be capped and it will receive a 1-second penalty for each rep not completed.

    Minimum Work Requirement

    Some events will have a minimum work requirement. For those events, if a team fails to meet the minimum work requirement, it will not be eligible to move on to the next event.  Teams must continue to work to complete all the repetitions until the time cap expires.