Semifinals Workouts

2024 CrossFit Games

Age-Group Event 1

For time:

50-calorie row
9 snatches, weight 1
50-calorie row
6 snatches, weight 2
50-calorie row
3 snatches, weight 3

Time cap: 20 minutes

♀ 115, 135, 155 lb (52, 61, 70 kg)
♂ 165, 195, 225 lb (75, 88, 102 kg)

Download the workout description and scorecard for your division:

  • Download Your Scorecard


    Quick Start

    • Start seated on the rower with your hands off the paddle.
    • At “Go,” row 50 calories.
    • Then, complete 9 snatches at the first weight (lightest).
    • Row another 50 calories.
    • Next, complete 6 snatches at the second weight.
    • Row a final 50 calories.
    • Finally, complete 3 snatches at the third weight (heaviest).
    • Your score will be the total time it takes you to complete the event. 
    • In the event of a time cap, your score will be the total number of reps completed before the 20-minute cap.



    • For safety, the barbell must be placed at least 5 feet away from the rower. 
    • Record the time after each set of 50 calories. In the event of a tie, the athlete who completes their last 50 calories faster will win the tie.
    • If the event is completed before the time cap, there is no tiebreak.
    • If you reach the time cap on the row, your score will be recorded when the rower comes to rest.
    • You may receive assistance resetting the rower between rounds.
    • You may receive assistance loading the bar between rounds, or you may set up multiple bars.
    • Gymnastics grips may NOT be used.
    • Score is due by Saturday, May 11, 2024, at 5 p.m. PT.


    • Barbell, plates, and collars
    • Concept2 rower. No other rower is allowed.
      • Video submissions: A clear view of the monitor must be captured after each round — it is OK to move the camera to meet this requirement.
    • Tape, cones, or any other object MUST be used to indicate the barbell is placed 5 feet away from the rower.
      • Video submissions: The distance must be clearly measured on camera.



    You will be penalized if:

    • Your video submission does not clearly show all measurements and loading on camera.
    • Any part of the rower is less than 5 feet from your barbell. 
    • You have your hands on the paddle of the rower before “Go.”
    • You do not reset the rower between rounds.

    * See Appendix D in the 2024 CrossFit Games Rulebook for video review penalty information.