April 29, 2013
Behind the Scenes of the CrossFit Games Open: Part 2

As they ride to the gym before the announcement of Workout 13.4, Chris Spealler tells Director of the Games Dave Castro, Rory Mckernan and Graham Holmberg that he got no-repped on his fourth rep in 13.3, which began with 150 wall-ball shots.

Spealler can’t figure out how the ball hovered just off the wall for a no-rep but still seemed to bounce back to him. It’s a physics problem a host of athletes are pondering in the post-Open period.

Castro says Bob Harper actually had the pleasure of no-repping Head Judge Adrian Bozman a few times during the same event, taking a little revenge on the CrossFit’s king of no-reps.

Get a glimpse of other candid reactions and more behind-the-scenes footage from this year’s CrossFit Games Open events as our cameras capture the moments that weren’t broadcast live across the Internet as each event was announced.

Backstage before Castro announces 13.5, two-time Games champion Rich Froning Jr. confesses he’s got “nervous energy.”

“It’s good, though. It’s good nervous energy,” he adds. “It’ll be fun.”

Even Castro, who’s no stranger to making event announcements for the Games, admits to some butterflies.

“I get nervous for all of these,” he says. “I’m nervous now.”

Video by Jordan Gravatt.