As FF and MM pairs, complete as many reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
30 clean and jerks (females)
30 clean and jerks (males)
30 clean and jerks (females)
30 clean and jerks (males)

Switch athletes after every 5 reps and increase the weight of the barbell after each set of 30 reps.
Females use 95, 105, 125, 145, 155, 165 lb.
Males use 135, 155, 185, 225, 245, 265 lb.

  • At the call of “3, 2, 1 ... go,” the female pair does 30 clean and jerks at 95 lb., alternating between partners every 5 reps, and then slaps hands with the male pair who then performs 30 clean and jerks at 135 lb. in the same fashion. The men then slap hands with the women, who then start 30 clean and jerks at 105 lb. The weights continue to rise for each set of 30 reps.

    The team’s score will be the number of reps completed within the 20-minute time cap.

    Each teammate must do 5 clean and jerks--no more, no less--before their partner is allowed to do 5 reps.

    Two barbells are allowed: one for the men, and one for the women. Athletes may start the workout with the first barbell fully loaded, and later may change the weight on the bar while the other gender is lifting. Collars must be used.


    Be sure to note the time after each round is finished. The tiebreak for this event will be the time at which your team’s last set of 30 clean and jerks is completed.


    • Two barbells

    • Bumper plates

    • Change plates

    • Collars

    *The official weight is in pounds. For your convenience, the minimum acceptable weights in kilograms are: Rx'd Females use: 42, 47, 56, 65, 69, 74 kg; Rx'd Men use: 61, 70, 84, 102, 111, 120 kg; Scaled Females use: 29, 33, 38, 42, 47, 51 kg; Scaled Men use: 43, 52, 61, 70, 79, 88 kg.

    Video Submission Standards

    Prior to starting, film the barbell and plates to be used so the loads can be seen clearly. All video submissions should be uncut and unedited in order to accurately display the performance. A second person with a stopwatch should be in the frame throughout the entire workout. Shoot the video from an angle so all exercises can be clearly seen meeting the movement standards.