February 2, 2023
Worldwide Ranking System Explained — 2023 CrossFit Season

“The basic system is very simple — as athletes compete through the season, they can gain points for each stage of the season that they compete in. Obviously, you’re gonna get more points for placing higher and less points for placing lower, and your worldwide ranking will be determined based on the total number of points that you’ve accumulated over the season, or in this case, two years.” — Adrian Bozman

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A new worldwide ranking system was recently introduced for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games season. 

Using a sliding two-year span of data, athletes will earn points — based on their performances during the four stages of competition — that will be used to calculate their ranking. Available points will increase as athletes advance through the season. One of the worldwide ranking system’s functions will be to determine the final number of Games-qualifying spots at each Semifinal event. 

Read The Worldwide Ranking System: How It Works” to learn more.


In this episode, Competition Director Adrian Bozman and Senior Manager of the Competition Team Dave Eubanks join host Chase Ingraham to explain this new system in depth and give insight into the thinking and decision-making behind this new process. 

Hear from Boz and Eubanks as they break down the point system, explaining how athletes will earn points during each stage of the season and how many are up for grabs, and briefly explain how this ranking system will be used to determine the strength of field at Semifinal competitions. 

Learn more about why athletes will be ranked on a worldwide level during the Open and Quarterfinals, and how points will be allocated during the Semifinal and Games stages.

In order to earn points toward your ranking, you’ve got to play. It all starts with the CrossFit Open. 

Sign up today for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Open at open.crossfit.com

View the current rankings here


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