February 9, 2024
CrossFit Open Workout 13.1 With Dan Bailey and Scott Panchik

“It very much embraced what I believe the Open is about. … People screaming and yelling, and that to me is what people experience when they are inside the gym on a Friday Night Lights.” — Scott Panchik

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Live announcements and head-to-head matchups of CrossFit Open workouts started in 2013. 

CrossFit Games athletes and fan favorites Dan Bailey and Scott Panchik were the first to battle through burpees and snatches in front of a live audience for the announcement of Open Workout 13.1 at CrossFit Vitality in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tune in to hear Bailey and Panchik reminisce about their experience with host Chase Ingraham in this new episode of the CrossFit Games podcast. 

Make memories of your own — sign up for the 2024 CrossFit Open today and tune in to the live announcement of Open Workout 24.1 on Feb. 29. More information here

Learn more and sign up for the CrossFit Open here.



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