December 21, 2023
James Sprague — From Teen to Individual Games Athlete

“All these negative thoughts creep in of, ‘Man, you missed it by 1 point. Everyone's let down by you, James. Like this, this sucks.’ And I snapped out of that. … I got in the ring again.”

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Three-time CrossFit Games athlete James Sprague joins the show to share his competitive CrossFit beginning, training with Matt Torres and Brute Strength, and transitioning from a teen athlete to individual.


Sprague started attending CrossFit classes as a teenager with his father, three-time CrossFit Games athlete Patrick Sprague. At the time, James was overweight but was inspired by his dad and the teens at the 2016 CrossFit Games to continue his CrossFit journey. 

Competitive by nature, James qualified for his first CrossFit Games in the teenage division in 2017 (Boys 14-15) and returned for his final year in 2019 (Boys 16-17). He qualified for Semifinals twice — missing the 2022 CrossFit Games by 1 point — and made his individual Games debut this year, placing 25th overall in the competition as a 21-year-old.


In today’s episode, James details his experience pursuing his own CrossFit Games career and the highs, lows, and growth he’s experienced on the competition floor. 

He opens up about his relationship with coach Matt Torres, reflects on his Semifinals experiences — feeling no regrets — and celebrates the work he’s done to achieve his success in and outside of CrossFit.


Tune in to learn more about James, including how he balances life as an athlete during the holidays and how he’s preparing for the 2024 season. 



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