I'm James Sprague, I am 21 years old and I train because I love the way it makes me feel, and I love the competitive edge it gives me over my peers. This is now my 8th Crossfit Open and I'm feeling so blessed to be in such an amazing community with such strong individuals. I hope to be doing Crossfit till I see my grave! I own my own Fitness Company called Next Gen Performance and love to invest in others potentials and show them what fitness can do for their own lives! GO FOLLOW MY YOUTUBE - @JAMES SPRAGUE INSTAGRAM - @Spraguerrrr SEE YOU ON THE LEADERBOARD!!!!


Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country Rank By Affiliate
2024 27th Men 5th Men North America West 11th Men United States 1st Men CrossFit Spokane Valley
2023 168th Men 57th Men North America East 79th Men United States 2nd Men CrossFit Naples
2022 29th Men 22nd Men North America 18th Men United States 3rd Men CrossFit Naples
2021 171st Men 88th Men North America 72nd Men United States 1st Men CrossFit Invictus Everest Park
2020 539th Men – – 228th Men United States – –
2019 2771st Men 18th Boys (16-17) – – 1305th Men United States 10th Boys (16-17) United States – –
2018 5331st Men 23rd Boys (16-17) 561st Men West Coast 1st Boys (16-17) West Coast 3223rd Men United States 13th Boys (16-17) United States – –
2017 3rd Boys (14-15) 2nd Boys (14-15) North West 2nd Boys (14-15) United States – –

Individual Quarterfinal

Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region
2024 44th Men 8th Men North America West
2023 31st Men 9th Men North America East
2022 174th Men 97th Men North America
2021 182nd Men 118th Men North America

Age Group Quarterfinal

Year Rank Worldwide
2019 5th Boys (16-17)
2018 28th Boys (16-17)
2017 2nd Boys (14-15)


Year Division Rank Semifinal
2024 Men 3rd North America West Semifinal
2023 Men 11th North America East Semifinal
2022 Men 7th Last-Chance Qualifier
2022 Men 6th Syndicate Crown
2021 Men 22nd CrossFit West Coast Classic


Year Division Rank
2023 Men 25th
2019 Boys (16-17) 5th
2017 Boys (14-15) 4th

Benchmark Stats

  • Back Squat 450 lb
    Chad1000x --
    Clean and Jerk 340 lb
    Deadlift 535 lb
  • Fight Gone Bad 520
    Filthy 50 17:30
    Fran 2:51
    Grace 1:30
  • Helen 7:02
    L1 Benchmark --
    Max Pull-ups 72
    Run 5k 18:59
  • Snatch 280 lb
    Sprint 400m 0:59