February 6, 2023
Run the Test 06 — The Capitol, ‘22 CrossFit Games

“It’s similar to the psychology of why we all go to the affiliate. You show up at the affiliate, you know that you’re gonna be encouraged, you know that you’re gonna give a little bit more effort than you would if you were just on your own. We’re social animals and that kind of social environment does drive you to be a little bit better. Even in ways that you can’t necessarily quantify. People show up at the gym, they weren’t motivated to be there, they just kind of dragged themselves in, but with the encouragement of the group around them, they’re like, ‘Man, I had a great session,’ or, ‘I exceeded my expectations for the day.’ That’s something that happens every day in affiliates around the world.”


The Capitol — Event 5 of the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games — will go down as one of the most iconic and epic events in Games history, not only for its uniqueness in style but also for the magical and memorable display of the CrossFit community rallying behind one of their own as they do so often inside their affiliates. 

Go behind the scenes of The Capitol with Competition Director Adrian Bozman. Learn about the challenges that came with organizing and testing a workout with so many moving parts, how the team was able to keep the event a secret, and why athletes could not be saved by a time cap. 

Then hear from Bozman about the impact a crowd or group has at a live event and in the affiliate. Watch it come to life as the crowd in Madison encouraged and supported Games athlete Rebecca Fuselier through her final climb up the capitol steps. 


Watch the full event here.

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Run the Test is a 10-part docuseries that brings the curious and interested inside the mind of lead programmer of the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games — Competition Director and Certified CrossFit Coach Adrian Bozman.

Go behind the scenes with Boz as he takes you through the process of designing the tests for the CrossFit Games and illuminates the CrossFit methodology that powers the Ultimate Test of Fitness.