April 5, 2020
Warm-Up for Workout 1

Here’s a zesty warm-up for Workout 1 of the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser, brought to you by Seminar Staff Flowmaster Denise Thomas (CF-L4). Enjoy!⁣


:30-sec. run/ jog* in place between each exercise below ⁣
10 jumping jacks ⁣
10 mountain climbers⁣
10 “Yogi push-ups”⁣
10 knee hug to lunge (alt legs) ⁣
10 good mornings⁣
*If you have space, you can also run/walk 15 sec. out, 15 sec. back⁣


5 slow & controlled air squats ⁣
5 air squats (regular speed)⁣
10 push-ups⁣
5 DB deadlifts (right arm)⁣
5 DB deadlifts (left arm) ⁣
5 DB hang snatches (right)⁣
5 DB hang snatches (left)⁣
5 DB snatches (right)⁣
5 DB snatches (left) ⁣

If you have any questions regarding how to modify the warm-up to your ability or to your available gear, hit up CrossFit Training (https://www.instagram.com/crossfittraining/). We’re happy to help! ⁣