August 8, 2021
"One of the Most Memorable Moments of My Athletic Career"

"One week has passed since one of the most memorable moments of my athletic career." — Annie Thoridsdottir, third-fittest Woman on Earth in 2021 and two-time Fittest Woman on Earth

"Lifting in front of a crowd is always an incredible feeling, but this night was special.

This 200-lb. snatch is a few pounds below my lifetime best, but will always stand out as my BIGGEST LIFT in competition. 

It was the moment where I started to believe that I COULD do this.

Not just BE at the CrossFit Games, but COMPETE.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, these are the moments we should all work hard to achieve. The moment where you allow yourself to fully commit, make yourself vulnerable and take the leap. This is where we truly live."


Video by Richard Bloomer

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