July 21, 2023
Jelle Hoste — Chasing Mental and Physical Challenges

“I’ve been held back a lot of times in the past — sometimes in my power, sometimes not in my power — and … when I saw the (Semifinals) workouts … it was like, ‘This has to be the year.’”

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First-time CrossFit Games qualifier Jelle Hoste joins the show to talk about his Semifinal performance, starting competitive CrossFit, and seeking out mental and physical challenges in CrossFit and in life. 


Long-time national judo competitor Hoste started CrossFit at the suggestion of a friend. His frustration with being unable to perform certain movements as a lifelong athlete fueled his desire to continue the sport. After competing in CrossFit competitions and dedicating more time to training, he had his eyes set on the Games. 

Hoste competed at the 2023 Europe Semifinal — his first Semifinal competition — and placed fourth out of the top 60 athletes in the region. He won three of the seven tests and was just 7 points outside of a spot on the podium.


In today’s episode, Hoste describes his execution in each Semifinal test. He explains how he trained for the challenges of the competition, simulating various iterations of the tests so he could “fight easy,” especially as a taller athlete, once he was on the floor.

Hoste shares how he got his competitive start in CrossFit and retells the story of flipping his first tire. He also digs into becoming a national judo athlete for Belgium and why he chooses to remain a part-time IT consultant because of the balance and stability it brings to his life, despite being a high-level competitor. 


Tune in to learn which of the seven Semifinal tests Hoste is most proud of, how he’s preparing for his first CrossFit Games experience, why he is “sensitive to challenges” and continues to pursue them. 



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