July 21, 2023
CrossFit Torian Mayhem — Chasing a Spot on the Podium

“You just know each other so well and you know what you’re good at, you know what you’re bad at, so therefore there’s no animosity. You don’t hold it against someone when they’re struggling.” —Royce Dunne

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Members of the champion team of the 2023 Oceania Semifinal, CrossFit Torian Mayhem, join Adrian Conway on the show to talk about their Semifinals performance, and representing CrossFit Torian and Mayhem Athlete at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games. 


CrossFit Torian Mayhem — composed of captain Royce Dunne, Brandon Swan, Christee Bishop Hollard, and Marnie Sykes — has currently swept the 2023 Games season, winning the Open, Team Quarterfinal, and Semifinal in Oceania. 

Despite coming together just this past year, the group has 10 years of CrossFit Games experience between them and they’ll be adding another to their resumes as one of the favorites to stand on the podium at the end of the weekend. 


In today’s episode, the crew opens up about facing adversity at the Torian Pro Semifinal, and working together as a team to bounce back from an unexpected performance at the start of the competition.

The group provides insight on training and preparing for the Games as a team, and Swan shares how he optimizes his training during “dad hours,” as he balances work, family, and being a competitive athlete. 

The foursome also express how being a part of the CrossFit Torian and Mayhem Athlete legacies fuels their fire to execute at their best in Madison, Wisconsin, and what success looks like to them at the end of the CrossFit Games weekend. 


Listen in to learn more about how CrossFit Torian Mayhem came together, who is the biggest complainer on the team, and the cost of traveling for competition.


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