October 19, 2023
2008 Fittest Man on Earth Jason Khalipa vs. BJJ Black Belts

What happens when 2008 CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa takes Victor Diaz and Miha Perhavec — two jiujitsu black belts who have never done CrossFit — through a workout?

“Let’s see how this goes,” says Diaz.


In addition to training jiujitsu, Khalipa and crew work through some strength and conditioning, with an EMOM of various weighted squats, followed by an AMRAP of plate ground-to-overheads and burpees. 

Watch Diaz and Perhavec in action, and hear from Khalipa on the benefits and parallels of training CrossFit and jiujitsu. 

Khalipa trains jiujitsu multiple times a week and credits CrossFit with preparing him for the unknown and unknowable, overcoming challenges, and facing adversity on and off the field or the mat.


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