April 26, 2023
Jason Khalipa — As Many Reps As Possible

“You could be competing and it’s so easy to want to kind of like hermit up in the corner, but if you make yourself accessible, you’d be so shocked at like how meaningful it is for these people who are there who come watch you at the CrossFit Games just to give them a little bit of time and take a picture. It’s so meaningful to them. I would encourage any athlete listening to remind themselves — I told myself a long time ago I’d never say no to a picture or whatnot because without the fans the sport would not be able to be there, and I think that it’s important that they feel the love so that it continues to snowball, to get more and more fans engaged in the sport.”

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The 2008 Fittest Man on Earth Jason Khalipa joins the More Than Fitness podcast to chat with host Adrian Conway about his experience as a competitive CrossFit athlete, being an entrepreneur, and spreading CrossFit across the world.


Khalipa is a well-known name in the CrossFit space and fitness community with a resume that speaks for itself. In addition to being the 2008 CrossFit Games champion, he is a three-time Games podium finisher, an eight-time consecutive Games athlete, the recipient of the 2009 Spirit of the Games award, founder of NCFIT, a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, and a multi-business affiliate owner. He is also a husband, a father of two, an author, and a philanthropist.

Khalipa found CrossFit in 2006 and has been passionate about bringing awareness to and growing the sport since.


In today’s episode, Khalipa recounts stories from his years as a competitive CrossFit athlete, including winning the Spirit of the Games award and competing on Team USA from 2012-2014 during the Invitational, and opens up about some of the most grueling events he’s experienced at the CrossFit Games.

He also shares his journey of opening CrossFit Santa Clara, his first affiliate, and growing his business worldwide while being a professional athlete. Passionate to help CrossFit affiliates and athletes expand and thrive, Khalipa offers advice about connecting with the CrossFit community, driving engagement and interest, and implementing better business practices in the affiliate.


Learn about Khalipa’s AMRAP mentality, his current training schedule, which includes jumping into classes at his affiliate and jiujitsu, reaffiliating with CrossFit, and the impact he hopes to have on CrossFit coaches and subsequently, the CrossFit community.



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