May 2, 2021
Inside The Leaderboard: Team Quarterfinal Recap

A team from Europe and/or Oceania has yet to stand on the podium at the Games in the history of the Affiliate Cup. Using data from past Games events, Marquez breaks down the average team requirements needed to podium and compares scores from CrossFit Zurriola Training Culture and 64 Army Gold, the overall winners in Europe and Oceania, respectively, to see how they stack up.

Later, Marquez is joined by Clint Kohl and Madeline Shelling, one-half of the 64 Army Gold team. Shelling and Kohl reflect on their team’s performance and the remainder of the competitive season.

Kohl says their team is most proud of their score for Test 1.

“A few days after we saw the matchup with Mayhem and Invictus… we were very proud…,” Kohl says. “(They’re) such big teams so (we’re) very happy to be in this matchup with all [these] big teams.”

Shelling and Kohl are looking forward to competing in person at the Torian Pro and hope that two of the four 64 Army teams that are competing at Semifinals will advance to the Games.