May 12, 2023
The Hopper and Live CrossFit Competitions

“In 2012 … Chris Spealler, the legend, driving a comeback that was just ridiculous. … He is behind throughout the course of this weekend. This is a heavy Regional. … From a loading perspective, Spealler looked like he was outmatched a bit. … It came down to the final chipper. … He had to execute an amazing snatch ladder where I think he maybe hit like 225 (lb) but at the time it was like, ‘This is insane for someone his size to snatch this much.’ But I’ll just never forget how electric it was.” — Adrian Conway on his most memorable Regional experience

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Athlete Communications Manager Becky Harsh, and multi-year Games athletes Adrian Conway and Stacie Tovar join host Chase Ingraham on the podcast to review the latest edition of the Hopper. 

The Hopper is a monthly CrossFit newsletter, geared toward athletes and coaches, with important information regarding, but not limited to, the Games season. While intended for competitive athletes, anyone who is interested in learning specifics about the season is encouraged to subscribe


In today’s episode, the crew dives deep into this month’s publication and discusses upcoming CrossFit live competitions like Semifinals and the Games. 

The group discusses how the adaptive division is redefining what’s possible for all athletes, the benefits of CrossFit-licensed events for the community, and how fans and spectators can participate at the CrossFit Semifinal Throwdown.

They also share their top standout moments from past in-person events, and highly encourage fans of the sport to experience the electricity, excitement, and atmosphere for themselves. 

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Three weeks of CrossFit Semifinals action begins next week, starting May 18. Grab your squad, buy your tickets today, and get ready to make unforgettable memories of your own!


Topics in the May edition of the Hopper


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