May 13, 2021
Games Central Ep. 05.13: Athletes/Teams Headed to the Games

The AGOQ and Occupational Games are behind us, and Semifinals are up next. Sean Woodland breaks down the leaderboards and highlights the top teams advancing to the next stage of competition. Later, Woodland catches up with Annie Sakamoto on her AGOQ performance.

The top 20 men and women in each age division advance to the CrossFit Games. Top performers on the men’s side include Ron Ortiz (Men 55-59), Nick Bloch (Men 35-39), and Nate Ackerman (Boys 16-17). For the women, Alessandra Pichelli (Women 35-39), Janet Black (Women 45-49), and Mallory O’Brien (Girls 16-17) take the win for their age group, to name a few.

Other Games veterans who qualified include five-time Games athlete Dan Bailey (Men 35-39), 10-time Games competitor Lynne Knapman (Women 60-64), and CrossFit’s very own Annie Sakamoto (Women 45-49), who says she’s “really excited to be back on the floor with all of [the] ladies” in Madison and “expects it to be really tough competition.”

The Occupational Games were a new addition to the lineup of competitions. Some of the top athletes in their respective professions include healthcare worker Gabriel Duus, firefighter Lindsey Grasis, and schoolteacher Carolyne Prevost.

Semifinals are the next stop on the road to Madison. Woodland reminds us of how many athletes will advance per continent and lists the top three teams competing in each Semifinal.

Tickets for Semifinals and the Games are on sale now, and volunteer registration for the Games is now open. Head to for more information.

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