March 29, 2022
Games Central 11: The Best of the Individual Quarterfinal

In this episode of Games Central, Sean Woodland, Lauren Smith, and Tommy Marquez dive into top stories from the 2022 Individual Quarterfinal and share their favorite moments from the competition.

Find out who topped the continental leaderboards, which athletes around the world had noteworthy performances, and who has withdrawn from the season. 

Then, hear from 17-year-old Emma Lawson on her worldwide win in Workout 1 and from Brooke Wells — fifth worldwide in the Open — on returning to competition after sustaining an elbow injury at the 2021 Games. Also, hear from John Singleton, head coach of The Progrm, about training athletes such as Gabriela Migala, Kristof Horvath, and Jacqueline Dahlstrom. 

Mark your calendars — a new season of "Miles to Madison" starts Thursday, March 31. Check out a sneak peek of season 2.

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