September 12, 2022
Du Plessis Ranks Top 30 Among Individuals in Swim Event

“Here’s to one of my favorite moments ❤️”

At this year’s CrossFit Games, two-time Neuromuscular division athlete Letchen du Plessis won the entire women’s adaptive heat in Rinse ‘n’ Repeat — the first standardized workout across all divisions in CrossFit Games history — with a total of 111 calories. 

Du Plessis’ score would have placed her 28th to 30th in the women’s individual division. 

“Thought I would give a little backstory on this event:

Back in 2018 right after I was diagnosed, I used swimming as a coping mechanism. The water calmed me down and every time I would get overwhelmed or frustrated at rehab I would go swim. I would feel all my frustrations and fears wash off me.

I played waterpolo from 2013-2017 and spent countless hours in the pool to get my body strong. But used swimming from 2018 to ground myself. During the swim event I felt that same calmness and it brought all the emotions back that a very scared 19 year old Letchen felt in 2018. As I was swimming I realised how far I’ve come since 2018 and all emotions came to the surface. I am not a emotional person, I don’t like showing my emotions but I already started crying during the 2nd last round when I realized I was the only athlete in the pool.”

Watch the full event here

Rinse 'N' Repeat

Every 2 minutes:
50-yard swim
8-cal Ski Erg*

*Add 2 calories each round for 6 rounds, then complete as many calories as possible for rounds 7 and 8.