October 28, 2020
2020 Spirit of the Games Award Winner—Katrin Davidsdottir

Since 2007, we have presented the Spirit of the Games award to those who embody CrossFit’s values during the most difficult of competitions — those who exhibit the character, commitment, and sportsmanship we seek to cultivate in our training and our sport. 

This year’s Games were possibly the toughest yet, and all 10 athletes persevered through its grueling physical and mental challenges with exemplary grace, grit, and courage. It’s impossible to watch them and not be inspired. 

It was equally impossible not to take notice of one athlete who is especially cheerful and fearless in the face of adversity ... who is especially determined to be her best and encourage others to be their best as well ...

She embraces the suck with a YES and the even suckier with an even louder YES. With a smile and a wave she says, “Bring it.” 

Katrin Davidsdottir embodies a spirit of optimistic perseverance and undaunted determination. She is your 2020 Spirit of the Games award winner.

—Nicole Carroll, Director of Training and Certifications 


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