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Team: CrossFit Atlanta+old

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After missing the Games by one spot in 2011, we are back in 2012 determined to be in Carson!


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The Teams of the Dirty South are stacked with some top-notch competitors. The South East is stacked with teams of top-notch competitors who are all eager to pack their...
Article, Posted Fri, 03.08.13
The top teams of the South East are comprised of parents, coaches, a doctor, an attorney, a firefighter and even a professional golfer. The top teams in the South East are...
Article, Posted Sun, 06.24.12
Games Qualifying Teams: CrossFit Atlanta, CrossFit Adrenaline and Hustle Hard powered by HEW. See all Event Summary Videos.
Video, Posted Mon, 04.30.12
CrossFit Atlanta too the top spot finishing in 16 minutes flat. The next fastest team was CrossFit Vida Brickell coming almost 3 minutes later at 18:51. Gardens CrossFit rounds out the top 3...
Video, Posted Sun, 04.29.12
Strong team CrossFit Atlanta and The Guerilla Squad of Carolina CrossFit tied in Workout 5 with 1,080 pounds. Hustle Hard powered by HEW came in 3rd with 1,035 pounds.  See all Event Summary Videos.
Video, Posted Sun, 04.29.12
After three days of grueling workouts, three men, three women and three teams will represent the South East this July in California. A mix of familiar names and new faces battled...
Article, Posted Sun, 04.29.12
Personal records were being set all over the South East in Workout 5, the Snatch Ladder. A torrential downpour greeted athletes and spectators as they arrived at the South Florida...
Article, Posted Sun, 04.29.12
No team in the South East was able to finish the workout in the 25-minute time cap. With a one-second penalty for every rep not completed, CrossFit Adrenaline came out on top with 26:46. Following...
Video, Posted Sat, 04.28.12
"This was the first thing I found that I was good at, and I can do this. I love this sport. I do this because I love it." ~Cheryl Nasso With no rest for the weary, Day 2 of...
Article, Posted Sat, 04.28.12
The prescribed weight for Team Workout 3 proved to be a battle for many of the teams. Powerhouse team CrossFit Atlanta finished 2nd in the South East and remains in a top spot. They are sandwiched...
Video, Posted Sat, 04.28.12