October 21, 2020
What Is the Fittest on Earth Supposed to Look Like?

Two-time CrossFit Games champion Katrin Davidsdottir says she struggles with body image just like anyone else might. Growing up as a gymnast, she felt she was too tall, and she wished to be smaller. CrossFit changed her mindset on her size but that doesn't mean she's free from self criticism.

In a feature in Shape Magazine, she notes that one of the most difficult times she's been through was after winning the Games, when all eyes were on her.

"I felt like if I'd gained weight, that's not what the Fittest on Earth is supposed to look like ... "Peak performance is meant for one time of the year ... where I want to be the best in the world ..." she continues. "But if you try and sustain that, you're gonna burnout."

Davidsdottir will compete in the finals at the 2020 CrossFit Games starting this Friday, Oct. 23. Learn how to watch here.

Video originally published Oct. 11, 2019 on SHAPE