June 2, 2013
Speal After Event 4

"I was getting a bunch of no reps," Spealler says. "That is accurate."

After getting several no reps on the 70-pound dumbbell snatches in Event 4, Spealler started to lose his cool. 

"I was emotional, yeah. Did you see me in 2009 doing my squats? 'Just tell me what to do! What do you want me to do?' ... I'll fix it, bro. I'll fix it. Just tell me what to do, and if it's fair I'll rock it, you know? All day long," he says.

He later learned that he wasn't showing control at the bottom. The dumbbell bounced as it hit the ground.

"I felt like it was unfair, but I have no idea what other people were being held to. I was in my own world, so it very well could have been completely fair."