July 26, 2018
Road to the Games Ep. 18.05: Mat Fraser Vs. The World

In the months leading up to the CrossFit Games in 2014, Mat Fraser was holding down a desk job. From inside the four walls of his cubicle, he made a decision: “I don’t want this for my life. … I’m gonna make a run at this CrossFit thing.”

That’s when he “just pushed all the chips in the middle of the table” and went for it.

Now he’s a two-time champion pursuing legendary status in the Sport of Fitness.

“Can anyone beat Mat Fraser?” producer Heber Cannon asks during behind-the-scenes interviews at Regionals.

CrossFit Seminar Staff member Dave Lipson smiles mischievously and quotes Anthony Hopkins’ character in “The Edge”: “What one man can do, another man can do. I’m gonna kill the fuckin’ bear.”

Dave Castro, Director of the CrossFit Games, has a simpler answer: “No.”

The most important response to the question comes from Fraser himself.

Tune in to find out what his mindset is heading into this year’s competition.

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