November 5, 2020
Mat Fraser Reflects on Most Difficult Games in History

Mat Fraser made history in 2020. He became the first and only man to win five consecutive CrossFit Games championships, and he surpassed Rich Froning's record for most Games event wins, totaling 29 event victories after the final stage of the 2020 Games.

In this video, Tommy Marquez of Morning Chalk Up chats with Fraser about his post-Games reflections. Up for discussion is Fraser's pre-Games prep, post-Games recovery, how he deals with doubters, and more. 

"I've had a couple moments throughout my career where ... someone who's trying to make a name (is) kinda throwing up a hail Mary," Fraser says, "and I see it and I smile, and I'll go, 'All right, motherfucker, you wanna try to make a name? Let's go toe to toe. You put the pedal down, I'll put the pedal down, we'll see who can hang on longer.'"