November 18, 2022
A Deeper Look Into What’s New in the 2023 Rulebook

“From an athlete perspective, it can get very, very frustrating trying to plan your season, trying to plan your training, not knowing what’s going on, so the real goal here was to support the athletes as best as possible in a world where it’s unknown and unknowable most of the time.” — Becky Harsh 

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Athlete Communications Manager Becky Harsh joins host Chase Ingraham on the podcast to review new changes to the 2023 CrossFit Competition Rulebook and discuss her role as a liaison between CrossFit and athletes. 

Transparency and early communication between CrossFit and the community has become a priority, and as Athlete Communications Manager, Harsh has been working closely with athlete committees to ensure their voices are heard. 

One step forward has been the earlier-than-ever release of the 2023 Competition Rulebook to allow athletes a chance to plan appropriately for the upcoming season. 

Harsh and Ingraham discuss region selection (Section 1.08), including the division of North America into East and West, and how athletes can petition for citizenship exemption (Section 1.09), noting a firm due date to file.

The pair also dive into team eligibility and team rosters (Sections 1.14 and 2.04) for Quarterfinals, Open score submission and validation (Sections 1.20 and 1.21), and the truncated Quarterfinals schedule (Section 2.06).

The Rulebook also includes a new “Appeals” section for individual and team athletes competing at Semifinals (Section 4.10) with an explanation of a two-appeal rule provision, and explains the backfill process for the CrossFit Games (Section 6.02). 

Finally, CrossFit is awarding a complimentary Level 1 or Level 2 course to the top five finishers in all adaptive divisions and to all individual, team (excluding alternates), and age-group athletes who qualify, register, and complete the on-site Athlete Registration at the CrossFit Games (Appendix C).

For full season details, refer to the official 2023 Competition Rulebook at 

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