March 18, 2023
Day 3 Recap — 2023 Individual Quarterfinal

The Individual Quarterfinal is a wrap and the fittest in each region will advance to Semifinals

North America East: top 60 men and women
North America West: top 60 men and women
Europe: top 60 men and women
Oceania: top 30 men and women
Asia: top 30 men and women
South America: top 30 men and women
Africa: top 30 men and women


Eight-time Games athlete Stacie Tovar and five-time Games athlete and host of the “More Than Fitness” podcast Adrian Conway join Chase Ingraham on the podcast to recap Day 3 of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Individual Quarterfinals.

Join the crew as they review the final test of the weekend, analyze top unofficial scores on the leaderboard, and share what surprised them most throughout the competition. 


Top Three Topics:

-What did we think about these tests for Semifinal athletes vs. everyone else in Quarterfinals?
-What surprised us the most this Individual Quarterfinal season?
-Who's in and who's out for the 2023 CrossFit Games Semifinals?


*Reminder: The leaderboard will remain unofficial and scores will remain under review until March 27.


Presented by GOWOD. 



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