February 29, 2024
The CrossFit Open Is Your Moment



The CrossFit Open began in 2011 with six workouts across six weeks, initiating the start of the CrossFit Games season. In 2013, a new Open tradition was born to kick off the season — live Open announcements with head-to-head matchups between top CrossFit athletes.


While the Open has evolved over the years, one thing has remained constant — the CrossFit Open is the largest participatory sporting event in the world, uniting hundreds of thousands of people of all ability levels for a global celebration of fitness, community, and effort.


For some, the Open is a chance to see how much fitter they’ve become over the past year. For others, it’s about showing up, taking a chance, and celebrating their fitness as they connect with others in their affiliate and around the world. For a select few, the Open is the first step in qualifying for the CrossFit Games.


Whatever the reason, the Open is YOUR moment — a time to write your history, conquer your fears or trepidations, achieve what you thought you couldn’t, make memories, and celebrate all of your work.


Welcome to the 2024 CrossFit Open.



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