January 23, 2023
Calling All Athletes — We Want You In the CrossFit Open

The fittest are out there, and Adrian Bozman will leave no stone unturned to find them. 🔎


We’ve seen them throwing down inside of their garage, at their local park, in their backyard, and in their hotel room — getting fit in all kinds of places and spaces. 

They’re consistent, committed people who go it alone. Who train in the early morning and late at night. During lunch breaks and in between pick-up and drop-offs. 

And they do it because they enjoy the freedom this path to fitness provides. Not for the glory. 

We see you. We know you exist. And we want you #InTheOpen.


📣Calling out the best among the garage gym legends!📣


Learn more and register now at Open.CrossFit.com.

Add the hashtag #streetparking to your personal leaderboard if you are a Street Parking member or #GarageGymAthlete if you are a garage gym legend.