July 6, 2021
Bethany Shadburne Is Focused on Her Mental Game

Winner of West Coast Classic Bethany Shadburne made her CrossFit Games debut in 2017. This year, she’ll make her fifth consecutive appearance.

Shadburne catches up with Sean Woodland about how training in a competitive environment with 2020’s third-fittest woman on Earth, Kari Pearce, and two-time Games athlete Danielle Brandon helped prepare her for success at Semifinals.

She also thinks back on her competitive CrossFit career and opens up about how she’s changed over the years and the lessons she’s learned.

“I’ve been really working hard the last year and a half with more of my mental game and … gaining confidence in what I’m doing and not in placements or achievements,” Shadburne says. “I think that builds more success … .”


Featured image by Thomas Campitelli

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