March 17, 2023
Ben Smith — Learning From Success, Failure, and Others

“I just love training. I love pushing myself. I wanted to find the boundaries. I wanted to be that test subject to see what I was capable of. I still do love it. … I haven’t turned off that competitive switch just yet.”

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In today’s episode, 2015 Fittest Man on Earth and owner of CrossFit Krypton Ben Smith opens up about his CrossFit career, owning an affiliate, and training with 2022’s third-fittest woman on Earth Laura Horvath

Exposed to sports at a young age, Smith’s CrossFit beginnings started when he was 16 years old. He watched CrossFit videos online, mixed-and-matched his programming from different sources to see what worked best, and learned from his successes and failures, which ultimately shaped him to be a better athlete, coach, and affiliate owner. 

Most recently, Smith has worked closely with seven-time Hungary National Champion and multi-year Games podium finisher Horvath as her coach and explains that they often act like training partners, pushing each other to be the best version of themselves. 

Smith is an 11-time Games athlete, competing consecutively from 2009-2019. He shares his experiences competing and learning from other top athletes and former champions in the sport like Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa and also discusses what it takes to be a competitive athlete.

Learn more about Smith’s desire to start CrossFit Krypton, his relationship with his family, including his brothers Alec and Dane, why 2014 was his toughest Games, and which two CrossFit movements he least prefers. 

For the 2023 season, Smith has teamed up with brother Alec, Caroline Spencer, and Erin O’Donnell to make a run for the Affiliate Cup.


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