Who Made It Through After Week 2 of Semifinals

May 29, 2022


Athletes at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge and Fittest in Cape Town earn tickets to the CrossFit Games.

Two weeks down, two to go in the final qualifying stage before the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

This weekend, athletes flocked to Cape Town, South Africa, to fight for the singular qualifying spot for their division at Fittest in Cape Town. And in Knoxville, Tennessee, athletes in arguably the most competitive field in this year's Semifinals faced off for a place in the top five at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge.

Here’s a look at who qualified for the Games out of Week 2.

Qualifiers out of Fittest in Cape Town

2022 Fittest in Cape Town Podium
Left to right: Christina Livaditakis (second place), Michelle Merand (first place), and Michelle Basnett (third place) — Photo by Roarke Bouffe


1. Michelle Merand – 552 points

2022 Fittest in Cape Town Podium
Left to right: Jason Smith (second place), Kealan Henry (first place), and Darren Zurnamer (third place) — Photo by Roarke Bouffe


1. Kealan Henry – 516 points

2022 Fittest in Cape Town Podium
Left to right: CrossFit Tijger Valley Unit (second place), CrossFit Commit Okavango (first place), and BST CrossFit (third place) — Photo by Roarke Bouffe


1. CrossFit Commit Okavango – 580 points

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Champions

MACC Women's Podium
From left to right: Brooke Wells (fourth place), Sydney Michalyshen (second place), Danielle Brandon (first place), Baylee Rayl (third place), Rebecca Fuselier (fifth place) – Photo by @flsportsguy


1. Danielle Brandon – 532 points

2. Sydney Michalyshen – 512 points

3. Baylee Rayl – 480 points

4. Brooke Wells – 443 points

5. Rebecca Fuselier – 442 points

Men's Podium at the MACC
From left to right: Noah Ohlsen (fourth place), Dallin Pepper (second place), Saxon Panchik (first place) with twin daughters in tow, Cole Sager (third place), Spencer Panchik (fifth place) – Photo by @flsportsguy


1. Saxon Panchik – 540 points

2. Dallin Pepper – 520 points

3. Cole Sager – 484 points

4. Noah Ohlsen – 470 points

5. Spencer Panchik – 436 points 

Team Podium at the 2022 MACC
From left to right: Koda CrossFit United (fourth place), CrossFit Shoofly Storm Squadron (second place), CrossFit Mayhem Independence (first place), Kamo Athletics CrossFit (third place), CrossFit Kilo II (fifth place) – Photo by @flsportsguy


1. CrossFit Mayhem Independence – 565 points

2. CrossFit Shoofly Storm Squadron – 520 points

3. Kamo Athletics CrossFit – 485 points

4. Koda CrossFit United – 480 points

5. CrossFit Kilo II – 455 points

Those who narrowly missed the cut will have one final opportunity to advance in the Last-Chance Qualifier this July.

Stay tuned for additional highlights from this weekend’s live competitions as well as news on the virtual Age-Group Semifinal for ages 14-17 and 35-49.

For more info about what the CrossFit Games are and where we are in the season, click here.

Cover photo by @flsportsguy

Semifinals Winners

Semifinals Highlights


Cover photo by @flsportsguy