From Week 4 to the Games Floor

June 12, 2022


Games qualifiers out of Strength in Depth, Atlas Games, and Copa Sur.

The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games roster is nearly complete.

This week, the final weekend of Semifinals brought top athletes in the Sport of Fitness to London for Strength in Depth, Montreal for the Atlas Games, and Vitória for Copa Sur. Each event will send its top women, men, and teams to the CrossFit Games. 

Athletes who just missed the cut will have one final opportunity to earn Games invites in the Last-Chance Qualifier (LCQ), a virtual competition that will take place later this month, from June 29 to July 1.

The top two men and women from the LCQ will join the athletes below at the Games. Congratulations to all competitors.

CrossFit Strength in Depth

CrossFit Strength in Depth Women's Podium
From left to right: Solveig Sigurdardottir (fourth place), Emma McQuaid (second place), Jacqueline Dahlstrøm (first place), Thuridur Erla Helgadottir (third place), and Elisa Fuliano (fifth place) – Photo by ShutterWOD


1. Jacqueline Dahlstrøm – 532 points

2. Emma McQuaid – 508 points

3. Thuridur Erla Helgadottir – 501 points

4. Solveig Sigurdardottir – 447 points

5. Elisa Fuliano – 420 points

Strength in Depth podium - Men's podium
From left to right: Giorgos Karavis (fourth place), Henrik Haapalainen (second place), Willy Georges (first place), André Houdet (third place), Guillaume Briant (fifth place) – Photo by ShutterWOD


1. Willy Georges – 520 points 

2. Henrik Haapalainen – 465 points

3. André Houdet – 462 points

4. Giorgos Karavis – 430 points

5. Guillaume Briant – 430 points

Team podium - CrossFit Strength in Depth
From left to right: CrossFit Trondheim (fourth place), CrossFit Sarpsborg (second place), CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue (first place), CrossFit 8020 (third place) – Photo by ShutterWOD


1. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue – 600 points 

2. CrossFit Sarpsborg – 480 points

3. CrossFit 8020 – 460 points

4. CrossFit Trondheim – 430 points

5. CrossFit Aylesbury Team TAP – 430 points

CrossFit Atlas Games

Atlas Games - women's podium
From left to right: Freya Moosbrugger ​​​​​(fourth place), Paige Powers (second place), Emma Lawson (first place), Caroline Conners (third place), Carolyne Prevost (fifth place) – Photo by Nam Vo


1. Emma Lawson – 568 points

2. Paige Powers – 560 points

3. Caroline Conners – 477 points

4. Freya Moosbrugger – 468 points

5. Carolyne Prevost – 441 points

Atlas Games - men's podium
From left to right: Alex Vigneault ​​​​​(fourth place), Patrick Vellner (second place), Jeffrey Adler (first place), Alexandre Caron (third place), Nycolas Joyal (fifth place) – Photo by Nam Vo


1. Jeffrey Adler – 564 points

2. Patrick Vellner – 556 points

3. Alexandre Caron – 480 points

4. Alex Vigneault – 440 points

5. Nycolas Joyal – 432 points

Atlas Games - Team podium
From left to right: CrossFit Milford Team Conquer (fourth place), CrossFit Pro1 Montreal (second place), CrossFit Omnia Black (first place), CrossFit Taranis LifeTree (third place), CrossFit East Woodbridge (fifth place) – Photo by Nam Vo


1. CrossFit Omnia Black – 525 points

2. CrossFit Pro1 Montreal – 510 points

3. CrossFit Taranis LifeTree – 500 points

4. CrossFit Milford Team Conquer – 470 points

5. CrossFit East Woodbridge – 420 points

CrossFit Copa Sur

Copa Sur – Women's Podium
From left to right: Claudia Espinosa (third place), Victoria Campos (first place), Julia Kato (second place) – Photo by Joyce Silva


1. Victoria Campos – 516 points

2. Julia Kato – 460 points 

Men's Podium – CrossFit Copa Sur
From left to right: Agustin Richelme (third place), Guilherme Malheiros (first place), Pedro Martins (second place) – Photo by Joyce Silva


1. Guilherme Malheiros – 544 points

2. Pedro Martins – 464 points

Team Podium – Copa Sur
From left to right: CrossFit Berrini Team Treta (third place), Q21 CrossFit (first place), CrossFit Ribeirao Preto (second place) – Photo by Joyce Silva


1. Q21 CrossFit – 580 points

2. CrossFit Ribeirao Preto – 465 points


Semifinals Winners

Semifinals Highlights

Cover photo by Joyce Silva