Games Invitees From Semifinals Week 3

June 5, 2022


Here are the Games-qualifying athletes and teams from the Far East Throwdown and Granite Games Semifinals.

That's a wrap for Week 3 of the CrossFit Semifinals. After three days of competition on opposite sides of the world, a new set of challengers have earned their place at the CrossFit Games this August.

Here's a look at which athletes and teams qualified out of the Far East Throwdown in Busan, South Korea, and the Granite Games in Eagan, Minnesota. 

Qualifiers out of the Far East Throwdown

Women's Podium Far East Throwdown
From left to right: Seher Kaya (second place), Seungyeon Choi (first place), Dawon Jung (third place) — Photo by Seolwoo Kim


1. Seungyeon Choi – 588 points

2. Seher Kaya – 560 points

Men's Podium Far East Throwdown
From left to right: Nasser Alruwayeh (second place), Roman Khrennikov (first place), Arthur Semenov (third place) — Photo by Seolwoo Kim


1. Roman Khrennikov – 584 points

2. Nasser Alruwayeh – 552 points

Team Podium Far East Throwdown
From left to right: CrossFit Yas Black (second place), KT CrossFit Kolesnikov Team (first place), CrossFit Alioth (third place) — Photo by Seolwoo Kim


1. KT CrossFit Kolesnikov Team – 695 points

2. CrossFit Yas Black – 645 points

Qualifiers out of the Granite Games  

Women's Podium at Granite Games
From left to right: Alex Gazan (fourth place), Amanda Barnhart (second place), Mal O'Brien (first place), Dani Speegle (third place), and Emily Rolfe (fifth place) — Photo by Meg Ellery


1. Mallory O'Brien – 576 points

2. Amanda Barnhart – 520 points

3. Dani Speegle – 504 points

4. Alex Willis (Alex Gazan) – 484 points

5. Emily Rolfe – 481 points

Men's Podium at Granite Games
From left to right: Sam Kwant (fourth place), Phil Toon (second place), Brent Fikowski (first place), Travis Mayer (third place), and Colten Mertens (fifth place) — Photo by Meg Ellery


1. Brent Fikowski – 520 points

2. Phil Toon – 496 points

3. Travis Mayer – 492 points

4. Samuel Kwant – 466 points

5. Colten Mertens – 438 points

Team Podium at the Granite Games
From left to right: CrossFit OBA (second place), CrossFit Invictus (first place), CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy (third place), and CrossFit Greater Heights Ascend (fourth place) — Photo by Meg Ellery


1. CrossFit Invictus –  580 points

2. CrossFit OBA – 550 points

3. CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy – 525 points

4. CrossFit Greater Heights Ascend – 475 points

5. Rhapsody CrossFit – 410 points

Next up: The last set of Semifinals start next week. Stay tuned for information on how to watch Canada's Atlas Games, London's Strength in Depth, and Brazil's CrossFit Copa Sur Semifinals. 

In July, the Last-Chance Qualifier will give those athletes who narrowly missed the cut at Semifinals a final shot at the Games.

The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games will feature the top athletes in the Sport of Fitness and will take place in Madison, Wisconsin, this Aug. 3-7.

For more info about what the CrossFit Games are and where we are in the season, click here.

Semifinals Winners

Semifinals Highlights

Cover photo by Johany Jutras