Members of CrossFit's Third-Annual Athlete Advisory Council

January 14, 2022


We are proud to announce the newest members of CrossFit’s Athlete Advisory Council.

During the 2020 CrossFit Games season, CrossFit created the Athlete Advisory Council — a board of current or former CrossFit Games athletes who give insight and input on a wide range of issues that affect the sport.

This year, the council is entering its third season, and it has expanded its member base from four to six. 

This council will provide vital insight around judging, scoring, appeals, and other topics for the stages of the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games season along with input on future rulebook changes and competition formats. CrossFit will also continue to engage directly with individual athletes, affiliates, sponsored events, other stakeholders, and the PFAA.

We are proud to announce the members of the 2022 CrossFit Athlete Advisory Council.

Members of the Athletes Advisory Council
  • Scott Panchik: Nine-time CrossFit Games individual athlete (2012-2019, 2021), 2017 Team USA CrossFit Invitational member, owner of CrossFit Mentality, retired from the sport after 2021 season.
  • Kristin Holte: Eight-time CrossFit Games individual athlete (2014-2021), second-place podium finisher at the 2019 Games, retired from the sport after the 2021 season, and former gymnast and endurance athlete.
  • Stacie Tovar: Eight-time CrossFit Games individual athlete (2009-2013, 2015-2017), one of only three individuals to compete in at least nine of the 10 Regionals, former collegiate volleyball player, and owner of CrossFit Omaha.
  • Alessandra Pichelli: Nine-time CrossFit Games athlete (competed on team Diablo CrossFit Anejo in 2012, competed as an individual from 2013-2019 and in 2021), 2017 Team Canada CrossFit Invitational member, and former Division I rower.
  • Alethea Boon: Five-time CrossFit Games athlete (individual from 2015-2017, team in 2014, masters in 2019), competed in the Commonwealth Games for New Zealand as both a gymnast (1998, 2002) and weightlifter (2018), and a reserve member of the New Zealand gymnastics team at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
  • Becca Voigt: 13-time CrossFit Games athlete, most all-time total Games appearances for any athlete, third-place podium finisher at the Games in 2012, one of two athletes to compete in all 10 Regionals, 2012 Team USA CrossFit Invitational member, and 2014 Team USA CrossFit Invitational coach.

CrossFit Director of Competition Adrian Bozman had the following to say about the role of the council and its newest cohort of representatives: "The Athlete Advisory Council has been a valuable addition to the CrossFit Games team. Leveraging their experience and perspective allows us to make decisions from a more informed place. Outside of competition, many of these representatives also have direct experience coaching and owning or managing an affiliate. Their range of expertise uniquely positions them to give input on not just the specifics of competition but its impact on the CrossFit community overall.” 

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