Alethea Boon is a five-year CrossFit Games competitor (Three individual, one team,one masters) with a best individual finish of 20th in 2015. Little more than a year after she started CrossFit, she helped team CrossFit Active to a sixth-place finish at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. A former elite gymnast, Boon represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and 2002, and was a reserve member of the New Zealand gymnastics team at the 2000 Summer Olympics. In 2018 Boon returned to the Commonwealth Games for a third appearance but as an Olympic Weightlifter 20 years after her first gymnastics debut.


Year Division Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country
2023 Women (35-39) 2503rd 1119th Oceania 255th New Zealand
2022 Women (35-39) 4237th 1727th Oceania 376th New Zealand
2021 Women (35-39) 23rd 22nd Oceania 10th New Zealand
2019 Women (35-39) 11th -- 11th New Zealand
2018 Women 29951st 2200th Australasia 1830th Australia
2017 Women 196th 11th Australia 9th Australia
2016 Women 38th 2nd Australia --
2015 Women 154th 10th Australia --
2014 Women 149th 16th Australia --

Online Qualifier

Year Division Rank
2021 Women (35-39) 4th

Individual Quarterfinals

Year Division Rank Continent
2021 Women 12th Oceania

Team Quarterfinals

Year Division Rank Continent Team Name
2022 Team 26th Oceania CrossFit Botany Starr Strength
2021 Team 7th Oceania Starr Strength Botany


Year Division Rank Semifinal
2021 Women 23rd Last-Chance Qualifier
2021 Women 4th Torian Pro


Year Division Rank Regional Team
2017 Women 3rd Pacific --
2016 Individual Women 3rd Pacific Regional --
2015 Individual Women 2nd Pacific Regional --
2014 Team 2nd Australia CrossFit Active


Year Division Rank
2019 Women (35-39) 5th
2017 Women 21st
2016 Individual Women 40th
2015 Individual Women 20th

Benchmark Stats

  • Back Squat 285 lb
    Clean and Jerk 225 lb
    Snatch 185 lb
    Deadlift 320 lb
    Fight Gone Bad --
    Max Pull-ups 62
  • Fran 3:00
    Grace 1:30
    Helen --
    Filthy 50 --
    Sprint 400m --
    Run 5k --