February 20, 2024
Why Josh Bridges Signed Up for the CrossFit Open

“Sign up for the Open. You never know what’s going to happen.”


Six-time CrossFit Games athlete and second-fittest man in 2011 Josh Bridges has a ton of CrossFit Open experience, having placed first in his region several times.

In this video, the former Navy SEAL completes a 10-minute AMRAP of thrusters, burpees over-the-bar, and pull-ups — movements seen regularly in the Open — and gives tips and tricks to keep moving and stay focused during workouts.

Tune in to get goal-setting and achieving advice from Bridges, hear how CrossFit changed his life trajectory and helped him become a Navy SEAL, and why participating in the Open is something everyone should do.



Scott Panchik vs. Josh Bridges — Open Workout 14.4

Josh Bridges vs. Scott Panchik — CrossFit Open Workout 15.4

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