July 12, 2021
What’s Your Post-Workout Routine?

Kara Saunders, what’s your post-workout routine?

Eight-time Regional and Games competitor Kara Saunders 🇦🇺 is on to something with her post-workout routine.

“When I finish a workout, I give myself one minute. I call it my feel-sorry-for-myself-time one minute,” she says. “I lie flat, just be like, ‘Uh, I’m dying. It hurts.’ Fully just really submissive … and then at the one-minute mark, I start moving.”

In the 2021 competitive season, Saunders, a new mother, placed third worldwide in the Open, took second in Oceania in the Quarterfinal, and had three event wins at the @torianpro, finishing the competition in first place and earning her ninth ticket to Madison.

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