June 8, 2013
What If: Scott Panchik and Marcus Hendren

Last year, Scott Panchik and Marcus Hendren were relative unknowns when they qualified for the CrossFit Games. Both were splitting their time between their careers and their training for their sport.

After finishing in the top 10 at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, Panchik and Hendren both decided to leave their careers in order to focus on their training for 2013. 

"CrossFit demands everything out of you, and I think if you're going to have only one foot in the door you're always going to be wondering whether or not you could be better if you went full for it," Marcus Hendren says. "So, I didn't want to have that regret later in life so I went--or I'm going--for it this year."

It's about answering the question, what if? 

"I think that's the only question you have in life. You know, what could you be? When you're presented with an opportunity like this I think you have to go after it," Hendren says.

After one day of competition at the 2013 Central East Regional, Panchik is in 2nd with 12 points and Hendren is in 8th with 28 points.