May 13, 2020
U.K. National Champ Zack George Interviews with TeamRichey

Craig and Jas of TeamRichey catch up with the fittest man in the United Kingdom, Zack George. In his interview, George opens up about life during quarantine and qualifying for the CrossFit Games for the first time. He also shares his thoughts on not being able to attend the Games as a national champion.  

George describes keeping his daily routine fairly similar to his routine pre-quarantine, training regularly throughout the week to stay fit and eating clean to keep his weight under control. Although he doesn’t have someone to push himself against and the atmosphere is different, George explains that he feels fitter during quarantine, as he’s been programming EMOMs with his Assault bike and other equipment to help him stay motivated and focused. During the interview, George’s girlfriend, Sam, joins in and the conversation shifts to homeownership, spending more time at home, and nutritional habits. 

When asked about not being able to attend the 2020 CrossFit Games as a national champion, George is understanding, stating, “There’s no point in getting angry or upset about the situation ‘cause we’ve got no control over it.”  Although saddened, George explains that qualifying for the Games shifted his mindset and gave him the confidence to show that he deserves to be a Games athlete. George further explains, “I might not have the end result of competing at the Games, but at least I know deep down I’m that sort of athlete that is capable of getting to the Games. So, there’s no reason why an extra sort of six months of hard work, I shouldn’t be even better and qualify, hopefully, in an easier situation than I did this year.” 

Although George wants to experience his first CrossFit Games alongside friends and family, he admits that he would accept an invitation for this year but “wouldn’t get [his] hopes up” due to current travel restrictions that could potentially be in effect during the Games. In the meantime, George continues to focus on next year, training and preparing for the upcoming 2021 Open season.