February 8, 2023
Strength of Field & Qualifying for the Games Explained

“The worldwide ranking will have an effect on how many final positions there are out of your Semifinals and into the Games, but the process of getting (to the Games) has not changed.” — Adrian Bozman

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Competition Director Adrian Bozman and Senior Manager of the Competition Team Dave Eubanks join the podcast to explain the strength-of-field calculation for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games season. 

Last episode, Bozman and Eubanks described a new worldwide ranking system — a sliding two-year span of data where athletes earn points based on their performances during the Games season — and explained that one of the system’s functions would be to finalize the number of Games-qualifying spots for each Semifinal event. 

Each competition region has the opportunity to add to its minimum number of guaranteed Games-qualifying position(s).


Watch “Worldwide Ranking System Explained.”

Read "The Worldwide Ranking System: How It Works


CrossFit will use the top 100 athletes in the worldwide rankings* after the 2023 Quarterfinals to determine the relative strength of field at each Semifinal.

In this episode, Eubanks and Bozman fully break down the formula — based on the D’Hondt method — used to calculate the strength of field, and give an example of how it will work. The pair also give insight into how the D’Hondt method was chosen and why the top 100 athletes in the worldwide ranking is the pool size used in the calculation. 

Learn more about the strength-of-field calculation and see it in action with a hypothetical distribution of the top 100 women here.


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*Note: the top 100 in the worldwide rankings are based on the previous two years of competition results. This list is not simply the top 100 athletes from the 2023 Quarterfinals competition.


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