July 19, 2012
CrossFit Games Journey: Deborah Cordner Carson

In this video, watch multi-time Games athlete Deborah Cordner Carson overcome her fears. After being disqualified from competition in 2011 for not finishing the swim in the first beach event, Cordner Carson was terrified going into the Pendleton Event of 2012, which included an ocean swim. She wasn't even sure if she was going to show up. But she faced her fears and finished, then went on to earn a 13th-place spot overall. 

Throughout her CrossFit Games career, Cordner Carson overcame many obstacles and persevered in various ways. To learn more about her journey, check out the articles and videos below. 


Fear Nothing

Always Learning: Deborah Cordner Carson

Persistent: Deborah Cordner Carson

Kicking Down the Door: Deborah Cordner Carson

Telling Her Story: Deborah Cordner Carson



Proud: Deborah Cordner Carson

Redemption: Deborah Cordner Carson


Where is She Now?

Check out Cordner Carson's Instagram page to keep up with her current stance on all things life, family, and fitness related. 

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