June 19, 2012
Sixth for Speal

Relive the riveting moments of the South West Regional, where the legendary Chris Spealler qualified for his sixth CrossFit Games with a remarkable performance. On July 13 at the Home Depot Center, he will stand alone as the only athlete to compete as an individual in all six CrossFit Games.

Watch as he prepares for each of the three days and hits a PR in the Snatch Ladder to put him in contention for a trip to California. 

"I still didn't know. I still thought that it was a little bit of a long shot," Spealler says. "Five-point spread going into the last workout is not something you want."

But being the underdog is something the Utah athlete says he enjoys.

"Kind of doing stuff you're not supposed to do. I like that."

"In the end, it's not about the guys on the podium, but the ones who give it their all," Spealler says. "That is what inspires people. Not a place, but watching someone just pour their heart and soul out into something. You see that often in CrossFit." 

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