March 7, 2012
Sam Briggs Withdraws From 2012

For the last two years, Sam Briggs, a firefighter from Manchester, England, has been one of the strongest female competitors in the CrossFit Games.

Her first year, Briggs took 19th place in the 2010 CrossFit Games. The next year, she came back even fitter. Each stage of the 2011 CrossFit Games Season saw Briggs at the top--from her 3rd place worldwide finish in the Open (behind champs Kristan Clever and Annie Thorisdottir), 2nd place finish in the 2011 Europe Regional, and 4th place finish in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, Calif., (capped off with a win of the final event, The End 3).

In this video, Briggs explains why she will not be able to compete in the 2012 CrossFit Games Season. We wish her a speedy recovery.