May 1, 2019
全力游戏Asia CrossFit Championship Crowned: Day 3 Recap

The last three days of competition for some, are opportunities to compete under the bright lights with athletes from all over the world. For others, it's the opportunity to be called champions and ensure that your journey continues on to the CrossFit Games.

The final day of the 全力游戏Asia CrossFit Championship for the individuals featured a gymnastics couplet, in which the country champion from Japan, Shingo Moromosa, a former stuntman, excelled, finishing third in the men's field. On the women's side, Alethea Boon's gymnastic skills shone through as she finished comfortably in first place.

The last Event of the weekend was a fast and furious burner on the Assault bike and double dumbbell overhead walking lunges to the finish line. Brent Fikowski blazed through the movements and finished with a bang, knowing he'd earned his Invitation to the Games. Kristin Holte won the event for the women.