May 26, 2013
Pushed to the Edge: Pat Barber

"Day 2 was tough. Anyone who has done CrossFit can look at these three days worth of events, and they'll look at Day 2 and say, 'Day 2 is the hardest day hands down,'" Pat Barber says. 

"A. You're fatigued from Day 1 ... and B. It starts out with the 100s--probably the most brutal workout that CrossFit has ever put out there--and then finishes off with just a midline gasser. Like, 315 and box jumps? ... How can you expect to do well on that after what you've done earlier in the day?"

"Anything you'd like to say to Dave Castro right now?" Ben Hollingshaus asks. 

"Yeah, screw you man. That shit is hard. And like, have a little sympathy for us," Barber says. "Actually, no. 'Cause what they're doing is pushing the margins of human experience, you know? Like, you see what these human beings are capable of, and you program just outside that, and then you see that fall within the abilities of people. They're hitting world record after (the earlier) events. That's insane." 

"They're just pushing you right up to the edge," Hollingshaus says.

"Right up to the edge," Barber says.